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PFL Surfaces M1 Swords Improvement Scheme

PFL Surfaces M1 Swords Improvement Scheme
Home » About Us » Latest News » PFL Surfaces M1 Swords Improvement Scheme Peter Fitzpatrick Ltd (PFL) completed the surfacing of the M1 Swords Improvement Scheme where an additional lane was added to the motorway for a 4km stretch both Northbound and Southbound. After laying the base and binder courses for the additional lane, PFL applied a 'Thin Layer' of Polymer Modified Stone Mastic Asphalt (PMSMA) to all 6 lanes for the length of the works. PFL were the sole asphalt surfacing contractor on the works which included major upgrading of the Swords interchange. The main line works involved circa 8,500 tonnes of PMSMA, and circa 20,000 tonnes of asphalt concrete, all laid to NRA specifications.